Maintaining Solar Production and Investment Life

You’ve made the investment in solar power, now protect that investment with routine repair and maintenance. High power production and system lifespan depends on regular preventive maintenance and service by trained technicians. Our service team will ensure that your system is operating at its peak level for years of reliable power generation.

Operation and Maintenance

A solar power system isn’t a plug-in and forget investment. It’s a complicated high-tech machine that’s comprised of solar panels, inverters, solar meters, as well as hundreds of interconnects and wiring runs.

If any link in this energy chain isn’t working properly, your system will underperform, costing you money.

Our experts are waiting to make sure your solar energy system is producing efficiently for you.

Monitoring Packages

Most modern solar inverters offer the option for remote monitoring. Upon activation of your system’s monitoring capabilities, our team supervises your solar operation to ensure peak efficiency.

Just-in-Time Service Calls

A malfunctioning or damaged solar energy system sitting idle costs you money. If your solar energy system is damaged or loses efficiency, give us a call. We can schedule an emergency call. Our technicians can assess and repair most problems within 24 hours.


Car Charging Stations

Solar and electric cars are the perfect combination. Think about it, you could be driving on sunshine! Whether you have solar on your home or not, contact us to find out how one of our quick charging stations will dramatically reduce the time needed to charge your EV to capacity.


General Electrical Services

Our technicians are fully certified and licensed electrical contractors. Even if your electrical repairs are not solar related, we’re happy to help. Just fill out the form on the right for a free, no obligation quote.

Smarthome Automation

Imagine being able to use your cell phone to control your home’s thermostat from anywhere in the world.

From smart thermostats like the Nest system, to more sophisticated demand management systems, we offer solutions that can save you thousands of dollars annually by giving you unprecedented control over your home’s energy consumption.

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