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Electricity costs are only going UP.

Ask yourself this — how much do you pay for electricity? For many people, it’s the second largest expense right after their mortgage. Think about your monthly bills – do you think a higher electricity bill is in your future?

At the same time, the cost for getting solar panels installed has gone way DOWN.  In fact, solar panels save EVERYONE money, not just people with solar panels.  Read the FACTS here.

If your average electric bill is $150 a month, over the next twelve years you will pay approximately $21,600 to your electric company!  That is money GONE, right out the window.

Imagine fixing the cost of your electric bill forever. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. It’s a reality now, thanks to solar financing options.

07 SVS ResPricing_OTHER2Whether you choose a lease (leasing company gets the tax credits) or an outright solar purchase (you get the tax credits), there are multiple, affordable financing options now available to homeowners. That’s the reason more and more people are “going solar.”People who understand finance look at their return on investment (ROI) and see that their savings add up to as much as a 200% return over time. Far more than they could have earned with mutual funds, CDs, bonds or any other investment vehicle!

Hire the best solar installers.

We’re not trying to overstate our qualifications, we just invest a lot of money in training and operations to make sure we do things right. You see, at Sun Valley Solar Solutions, we realize that you don’t want just anyone to build a big array on your roof and wire it into your electrical panel. We’ve been eliminating electric bills by installing solar panels in Arizona since 2006 – we don’t subcontract any work out. And we were founded by engineers from Intel who are absolute perfectionists when it comes to the technical aspects of solar technology, electrical design and installation craftsmanship. In other words, we’re passionate about solar.

Solar panel technology is tried and tested, durable and affordable. Our mission is to make solar the standard energy source throughout Arizona. So, spend some time on our website checking us out. Or if you have any questions, simply call us right now at 480.689.5000 or 888.5.SOLARUP (888.576.5278)

No customer is “cookie-cutter” to Sun Valley Solar Solutions, that’s why we’re growing with hundreds of installations, and hundreds of happy customers throughout select areas of Arizona’s Maricopa, Pinal, Navajo, Pima, Cochise, Coconino and Yavapai counties.

Per Greentech Media Research for the year 2015, Sun Valley Solar Solutions is the the largest Arizona-based dedicated solar installer .


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