Announcing the $1000 Sun Valley Solar Solutions Ultimate Challenge Winner ….

Joey Hudy!

Tonight at the Arizona Science Center, Sun Valley Solar Solutions president Russ Patzer will be handing over $1000 to the winner of the Ultimate Challenge, local inventor Joey Hudy, 15 years old.

Joey Hudy with President Obama

Joey is no stranger to accolades for his inventions, just watch the following video!

Click for video

We hope Joey finds tonight exciting, too. (Although maybe it won’t be quite as exciting as his trip to the White House.)


For his Ultimate Challenge invention for the home, Joey invented a solar powered computer.  On his entry form, he wrote:

“My first idea was to get computers to people in rural areas. I wanted others to have the same learning opportunities as me.”

He thinks the parts for his invention would cost around $150 and the completed product could sell for $300 retail.  The only thing he’d like to do differently is create a better case to hide all the wires.

Joey Hudy Sun Valley Solar Ultimate Challenge Invention

Joey’s motto is:  Don’t be bored…Make Something!

You can follow him here:

What Joey’s Making

Sun Valley Solar Solutions is the proud Gold Sponsor of the 2013 Arizona SciTech Festival.





Russ presenting the BIG check last night, 4/26/13.  Joey’s going to display it in his office.

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